Sep 13

The New 52 Reviews: Justice League 1

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Before The New 52 hit the stores I was excited for the event. Stories with a new start always seem more enticing. For me, The New 52 was a way for me to catch up on everything DC and do it in a new and exciting way. Lives starting over, new characters and the baddest of the bad creators. The potential is just endless. Just something you should know as you read the review. 


So for anyone worried whether Batman is still a badass... your safe. Without going into any spoilers, Batman feels familiar, familiar like you want to give him a fist bump when he takes down the baddy for the first time but knowing that he would just look at you like an idiot.  

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May 31

Geekcal TV: Episode 8 - Comicpalooza Walkthrough

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Join us in a quick walkthrough of Comicpalooza 2011. Comicpalooza is a comic convention which was held in Houston, Texas on May 27th-29th, 2011



Jan 11

Geekcal TV: Episode 7 - CROSSED Volume 1 Review

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Join us in a review of Crossed Volume 1 . This is a story of extreme zombie horror by Garth Ennis and Jacen Borrows. Follow a group of "Crossed" survivors through an dramatic and psychotic tale. Horror fans should enjoy this book. Crossed is published by Avatar Press.  



Nov 04

Geekcal TV: Episode 6 - Viz Media iPad Manga Reader

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In this episode of Geekcal TV we take look at the Viz Media Manga reader for the iPad. Overall this is a good reader and especially if your a fan of Manga. Straightforward and robust functionality make this a good reader for Manga fans.

Sep 23

Geekcal TV: Episode 5 - iPad Comic Reader

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In this episode we discuss the Comic book reader and how it works.

Aug 21

Geekcal TV: Episode 4 - News for Aug 21st, 2010

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We discuss the Star Wars Clone Wars: Series 3 trailer and updates regarding the Thor trailer. Additionally, we discuss the details of Baltimore Comic-Con 2010 and the Harvey Awards.

Aug 08

I'm a Sucker for Redheads

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Comic Book Review of 'Scarlet # 1 '

Scarlet #1Redheads are crazy, redheads are fun, redheads should wear their hair short, listen to Bad Religion  and have a chain connected to their wallet, sitting in the pocket of their heavily warn, stain wash jeans. OK OK, ending my daydream.


Scarlet is interesting to me for a few reasons.  In the first 10 pages you really want to love this chick. Then about 3/4 of the way through it you want to hate her. I mean really! Why the f..k do you like this idiot blond dip-shit with the headphones around his neck. In the end, it brings you back to the beginning (yep) and you can see she has something inside her that you crave to like.


Lets talk art... Much of this is personal but to me this art matches the dirtiness of the story and Scarlet herself. Because of the way it is drawn and the color some will hate it. Sorry to you folks. To me it's like you can smell the blood, sweat and pheromones (I don't think pheromones actually smell).

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Aug 01

Geekcal TV: Episode 3 - News for August 1st, 2010

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We discuss the Thor Trailer Leak. Which you might still be able to see at Additionally, we talk about the Green Lantern character posters, Anime Weekend Atlanta and New York Comic Con.

Jul 21

Geekcal TV: Episode 2 - Comic Con Preview

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We take a look at one major panel and related booth for each day of Comic Con.

Jul 18

Geekcal TV: Episode 1 - Comic Con App

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We take a look at the Comic Con IPhone Application.

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